Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do you wanna type messages in your own regional language / mother tongue?

Getting bored/tired with messaging in english language in your mobile??
Want to send text messages in your local language...!! (like telugu,hindi , tamil etc)..

Then here is the article in which i put few words about the new technology which enables typing messages in your own language on mobile phones, and software to use this technology in mobile devices!!!
India has 600 million mobile phone users, however, only 90 million know
English. The balance 510 million cannot type on the phone because they do not know the English language. As a result, they cannot storetheir address book, cannot send a text message, and are off course oblivious to the Value Added Services, including the 3G content, offered by the operators.

So a new technology came into existence as "PANINI KEYPAD"

Panini Keypad is a new technology that offers people to type in all languages of India on the mobile phone extremely fast, comfortably and easily without the need of printed characters on the keypad. And nor is the user expected to write in English characters (Roman). The Panini Keypad allows you to write natively in any Indian script without any familiarity with English characters and is therefore ideal for the vast majority of India.

The Panini Keypad is currently supports Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujrati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi and Assamese languages.

Currently, this technology has been developed in the form of java software that can be downloaded to your phone from this website. You would experience easy typing in Telugu, Hindi or in any other Indian language and would be able to send text messages, store address book and access 3G content etc.

The technology was developed primarily with the mobile phone in mind but it is also applicable for the PC/web and all other digital interfaces. On the mobile phone, as you know, one was expected to type in an Indian language through multitapping with the number of taps going upto 7 or 9 taps.

The Panini Keypad was the winner of the NOKIA Global Mobile Innovation award in Sep 09 as a Mobile Necessity for Emerging Markets.

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