Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to remove icons in the gnome panel of Ubuntu

Gnome classic panel is the very popular in the Ubuntu compared to the other like unity. Unity comes defaulty with Ubuntu 11.10 and later versions. In Ubuntu Linux, gnome classic Panel allows us to drag and drop the applications as icons as shortcut icons to quick launch applications. 

And when users want to remove or move these icons by right clicking on the icon it does not give the option to remove as it only have options Launch and Properties.

So if you want to remove or move the icon from the panel you have to press ALT key while clicking right click button, means simultaneously click ALT and right button, that will give you the options like Move and Remove from panel as shown below

If you press remove from panel it will removed and if you want to move press Move and the drag it to the new position. 
Thats it, Done!!!

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