Friday, November 9, 2012

File Extension Abbreviations

Here is a list of some file extensions and their abbreviations.

Video File Formats:

  • AVI= Audio Video Interleave.

  • RTS= Real Time Streaming.

  • MP4= MPEG-4 video file.

  • 3GPP=3rd Generation Partnership Project.

  • WMV=Windows Media Video.

  • DVX= DivX Video.
  • Audio File Formats:
    • MP3= MPEG layer lll.
    • M4A= MPEG-4 Audio File.
    • AAC= Advanced Audio Coding.
    • WMA= Windows Media Audio.
    • WAV= Waveform Audio.
    • IMY= iMelody Ringtone.
    • AMR= Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec.
    • NRT= Nokia Ringtone.
    • XMF= Extensible Music File.

    Image File Formats:
    • GIF= Graphic Interchangable Format.
    • JPEG= Joint Photographic Expert Group.
    • BMP= Bitmap.
    • WBMP= Wireless Bitmap Image.
    • PNG= Portable Network Graphics.
    • M3G= Mobile 3D Graphics.
    • SWF= Shock Wave Flash.
    Mobile Applications File Formats:
    • JAR= Java Archive. (Java applications extension)
    • JAD= Java Application Descriptor.
    • SIS= Symbian OS Installer File. (Nokia application extension)
    • APK= Application Package (for android application extension)
    • NTH= Nokia Theme(series 40).
    • THM= Themes (SonyEricsson).
    • MMF= Synthetic Music Mobile Application File.
    Documents File Formats:
    • DOC= Document (Microsoft Corporation).
    • PDF= Portable Document Format.
    • HTML= Hyper Text Markup Language.
    • XML= eXtensible Markup Language
    • CSS= Cascading Style Sheet
    • WML= Wireless Markup Language.
    • CHM= Compiled HTML Help (Microsoft)
    • TXT= Text document
    • EXE= Executable file
    • ELF= Executable and Linkable Format (linux executable)

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