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GPRS settings (APN ) for moblile networks

Access Point Name(APN) /GPRS settings for mobile networks in India |Airtel |Idea |Tata Dococmo |Vodafone |Reliance |Aircel

If we want to browse internet on mobile, we need to have GPRS settings. We will get them by sending SMS based on our mobile network. But some times it will take more time or even we won't  get the settings. In this cases we will go for the manual settings.

We need to configure the right Access Point Name (APN) for browsing internet on mobile devices or computers .
When we browse Internet on system (through mobile devices or Net setters
/ Mobile Modems) we just need Accesss Point Name and we no need to download any settings

Here is the list of Access Point Name /GPRS settings for Indian mobile networks.

For Access point configuration select settings from the Phone menu and select Internet settings.
(For Sony Ericsson devices Settings > Connectivity > Data Comm. > Data Account > New account)

While creating the Internet Profile you will come across the following cnfiguration  details

    Connection Name
    APN (Access point Name)
    User Name
Give the connection name as your wish( for our understanding). In the above settings we have to change /fill the Access Point Name depending upon ur mobile carrier for browsing internet  and  leave the remaining settings as it is (don't give any username or password).

Access Pont Names for different mobile networks in India are given below

Mobile Operator                  Access Point Name (APN)

    Idea                                internet
    Tata Docomo                    TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
    Reliance GSM                    rcomnet
    Vodafone                         www
    BSNL                               bsnlnet
    Aircel                              aircelgprs
    Uninor                             uninor

Then Save the setting...

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