Friday, December 21, 2012

How to change bluetooth device name in Ubuntu 12.04

Some times it is confusing when we want to send data through bluetooth device in ubuntu, when all the near by systems having the same name. So we can't find the target system to whom we send. So in this case we want to give a specific name to bluetooth on the target system.

However in Ubuntu 11.10, the bluetooth device name will be the system name(hostame) with device number. In Ubuntu 12.04 the bluetooth device name is defaultly ubuntu-0.

So to change the BT device name type the following command in terminal

# hciconfig hci0 name newname

replace newname with your desired name in the above command.(you need to have sudo permissions to the above command)

  • To check your bluetooth device name, type the following command in the terminal, and check your name in the command output

#hciconfig -a

Note: This trick is to change bluetooth device name temporarily...It will chane to default name after system reboot.

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