Thursday, June 21, 2012

About Cc and Bcc

Hi readers, in this post i will let you know the use of CC (carbon copy) and BCC (blind carbon copy) in mail.

We have seen many times Cc & Bcc options when we are composing mail, but many people dont know how to use and in  what purpose they are usefull..Read below to know more about it.

Cc: stands for "carbon copy", recipients listed in the Cc: field of a message receives a copy of that message when you send it. All other recipients of that mail can see that the person you designated as a Cc: recipient.

Bcc: stands for "blind carbon copy", this is similar to the Cc: feature, except that Bcc: recipients are invisible to all the other recipients of the message and other Bcc: recipients,that is when we include the recipients in Bcc: , all are getting a copy with only their sender address in "Bcc" and they cann't see other recipients in "Bcc"

Following message will illustrate the use and the effect of all these various addressing options in a message

Subject: this is the demo of Cc and Bcc
This is email body
Admin (

In this example,
    all recipients will be aware of both naveen and shiva but only admin (the sender) and ifti (BCC:) are aware that ifti received a copy of the message.

So finally "To, Cc, Bcc " are
  • To: Primary recipients
  • Cc: Carbon copy to secondary recipients—other interested parties
  • Bcc: Blind carbon copy to tertiary recipients who receive the message. The primary and secondary recipients cannot see the tertiary recipients. The tertiary recipients can only see their own email address in Bcc.

Click on Add Cc or Add Bcc to use these options when composing mail.

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