Sunday, April 15, 2012

Create your own keyboard shortcut keys for any Program/ Application

Shortcuts are used to launch any application in a simple and fastest way. And we use different shortcut keys when we are working on PC.
We use some applications frequently, Can we create our own short cut keys for different applications??

Yes we can create own short cut keys for our applicaions / programs with out using any software..Follow the given procedure to create short cut keys for your application programs

  • Click on Start button and place your mouse on the required program (In our case its Firefox)
  • Now right click on the program and click on Properties.

  • In the Shortcut Key field type any key (a to z) that you want to use as shortcut, here i took F for firefox. Then Click on OK.
  • Now you can use your own (custom) shortcut to launch  the program.

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